Some videos of my performances can be found on YouTube:

Captain Murderer

A gruesome gourmet, told live at The Miller, London

The Bridewell Strumpet

Stitched up in Shoreditch – a snippet from my show, 1647: The Poorest Hee

A Bandage For His Eyes

The Necessary Death of Robert Lockyer – a second snippet from 1647: The Poorest Hee

The Peach Thieves

An ancient Chinese tale, performed live at Infectious Stories, London

Gawain – the Banquet

A snippet from my Gawain and the Green Knight show

Gawain – the bedroom

A second snippet from Gawain and the Green Knight

The Boy Who Drew Cats

A Japanese Kamishibai story, live at The Miller, London Bridge. Sometimes performed as part of my Lands of Mystery and Desire show.

Nazrudin, his Donkeys and the Bathhouse

Nazrudin stories are found all over the Middle East: Nazrudin is sometimes wise, sometimes foolish, but never at a loss for words.

Nazrudin and the Poor Beggar

Wit, wisdom, and brutal honesty from Nazrudin.

The Woodcutter and the Lion

A Sephardic story from the mountains of Kurdistan.